Teak-faced Chair

teak-face chair, Grete Jalk, formed plywood chair.

Björn Láczay, CC BY 2.0, via Wikimedia Commons

Date: 1963

Designer: Grete Jalk

Place of Origin: Denmark

Danish designer Grete Jalk crafted a highly distinctive chair, known as the Teak-faced Chair, from teak-faced 9-ply molded plywood. The chair boasts a sculptural form characterized by ribbon-like curves. Jalk’s design involves two pieces of molded plywood expertly joined at their base using steel bolts, creating a visually striking and functional piece of furniture.

This chair stands out as one of the most notable examples of molded plywood furniture from the 20th century, thanks to its innovative design and the use of quality materials. The combination of teak-faced plywood and the carefully considered joining technique contributes to the chair’s unique and enduring sculptural appeal.