Sutro Rack, Justin Godar, Plywood Coat rack resembling the Sutro Tower in San Francisco

Sutro Coat Rack

Photo credit: Godar Furniture

Date: 2015

Designer: Justin Godar

Origin: San Francisco, California, United States

The Sutro reimagines what a coat rack can look like. Taking on the form of a power line tower, especially when it is colored in a distinctive red and white paint, the Sutro uses finely crafted pieces of plywood to form a tripod. The legs jut out and in again to form a sturdy rack that brings an industrial look to the space it’s used in.

Justin Godar’s unique approach blends natural materials, traditional techniques, new technologies, and innovative design to create lasting pieces. Godar Furniture rejects simplicity and conformity; only complex, practical objects, distinct from anything on the market, make the cut.

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