Short Chair

Short Chair, Marcel Breuer, formed plywood

Sandra Fauconnier, CC BY 4.0, via Wikimedia Commons

Date: 1936

Designer: Marcel Breuer

Place of Origin: London, UK

Marcel Breuer‘s initial venture into progressive furniture for Isokon featured a laminated birch frame with zebrano veneer and a molded plywood seat and back. The 5-ply, cross-grained seat and 10-ply laminated frame showcased a direct adaptation of Breuer’s earlier steel and aluminum chair designs from 1932-1933.

The chair’s production was cut short due to the outbreak of the Second World War in 1939, halting Isokon’s manufacturing. Despite its limited production, Breuer’s design stands as a testament to the intersection of innovative materials and modernist influences, capturing the essence of a short-lived yet impactful era in furniture design.

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