Q Stak Chair

Q stak chair, Robin Day, formed plywood chair with metal legs

Photo credit: MMU – Special Collections Museum

Date: 1954

Designer: Robin Day

Place of Origin: London, U.K.

The Q Stak Chair, characterized by a one-piece seat and back crafted from 7-ply cherry-faced plywood, features a distinctive cut-out in the center of the back. Supported by two sets of two black tubular steel legs, joined and securely attached to the seat, the design ensures stability.

Robin Day played a pivotal role in shaping modern British design during the early 1950s. He championed the idea that well-designed, mass-produced furniture could be accessible to a broad audience. In 1953, he introduced the Q Stak chair, a low-cost seating solution tailored for cafés, meeting rooms, and spaces in need of affordable yet durable stackable chairs.

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