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If you would like to have your plywood furniture creations posted to the @This.SheetGood Instagram, please read below.

@this.sheetgood a plywood furniture Instagram

How to Make A Good Post:

Give as much or as little content as you can, the more info and content provided the easier and better the post(s) will be.

  • Fill in as many of the following fields as possible with your submission.
    • Location
    • Your Instagram handle
    • Comment Copy
    • photo credits if different from you
    • Any other credits you would like included
    • hashtags if applicable
    • Accessibility alternate text (try to describe what is happening in your main photo submission with text. example: A man wearing a green shirt sitting at a plywood table made by XYZ company)
  • Provide a minimum of 1 high resolution photo, and preferably the following 3 photos
    1. Photo of the plywood furniture piece
    2. Photo of a cool plywood detail.
    3. A photo of yourself on a solid color background – White background preferred.
  • Any extras you want to provide like process photos, videos, etc. would be great!

If you would like photography tips on how to make a great plywood furniture Instagram post, have a read of Sprout Social‘s article on how to take a good Instagram photo.

To Submit a Photo/Video, The following requirements must be met:

  • You must have ownership of all uploaded content or permission in writing from the owner.
  • All media should be high resolution. If low resolution media is submitted it may be discarded. The Editorial team reserves the right to make edits to submitted media and copy. This includes but is not limited to cropping, grammar, and spelling. Additionally, we may choose not to include all media or copy that is submitted.
  • By submitting photos, videos, and copy, you give This Sheet Good permission to credit you for the work/photography unless otherwise noted, and to post to Instagram or on any other print/digital medium.

Where to Submit

Please Send all submissions to “thissheetgood [at] gmail [dot] com” with the subject line ‘Instagram Submission’.

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