Paimio Armchair

Paimio Sanatorium (1929-33), Paimio Chairs in the auditorium in 1930´s. Photo Gustaf Welin © Alvar Aalto Foundation _ Paimio-tuoleja parantolan auditoriossa 1930-luvulla. Kuva Gustaf Welin © Alvar Aalto -säätiö.

Photo credit: Alvar Aalto Foundation

Date: 1930

Designer: Alvar Aalto

Place of Origin: Turku, Finland

Using a single piece of plywood for the chair back and seat, the Paimio armchair was originally designed for the Paimio Tuberculosis Sanitorium. Collaborating closely with Otto Korhonen – who owned and operated the small Finnish furniture factory Huonekalu-ja Rakennustyötehdas – Alvar Aalto went on to sell the armchair to a mass market.

The public first saw the armchair at ‘“Wood Only”, The Exhibition of Finnish Furniture’ in 1933. The Paimio armchair, and Alvar himself, were thrust into the spotlight through this expo, which brought Finnish furniture into the British mainstream and made a large impact on furniture design trends.

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