Industrial Driftwood

All materials have a story to tell, and we don’t have to look very hard to read them; from the growth rings on a tree stump, to the rust on a car door. 

Yet with this vast parade of things constantly passing in and out of our lives, we don’t make time to consider the journey an object has taken to arrive in its current form. 

How did it get here? What did it go through to get here? And what happens next, after it has served its immediate purpose? 

The things we call “waste” become faceless abstracts with stories we would more conveniently sweep under the carpet. 

Ben Graham´s work aims to honor the stories of the materials that industry would have condemned to landfill or incineration. He helps us to consider the next chapter in the story of these “zero value” materials by creating striking, undulating sculptures intended to be touched, explored and enjoyed.

Ultimately inviting us to consider the origin and beauty of the objects in our everyday lives, with the hope that we can thereby reframe what is disposable vs reusable.

See more of Ben’s work here and here @Bennysgotwood

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