Einser Stool

plywood stool, Lisa Stolz, formed plywood

Photo credit: Mowo Studio

DATE: 2021

DESIGNER: Lisa Stolz

PLACE OF ORIGIN: Vienna, Austria

MOWO’s Einser Stool offered a range of movements, from a calming swing sideways to a muscle-loosening rocking back and forth, and an invigorating tilt forward on a skid with a bouncing sensation. The control was given to the user, making this a hit amongst the furniture scene.

Drawing inspiration from her “MOWO, move with wood” project, Lisa Stolz initiated a triumphant Kickstarter campaign in September 2021, officially founding her furniture brand. MOWO is dedicated to harnessing the flexibility of plywood and recycled materials to craft furniture that seamlessly combines comfort, functionality, and elegance.

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