Dining Chair (1946)

sketch of plywood chair, Rudolph Shindler

We have been able to secure a creative commons image of this piece of furniture. If you have an image of this piece that you would like to donate to this plywood furniture archive please contact us

Date: ca.1946

Designer: Rudolph M. Schindler

Place of Origin: California, USA

This Dining Chair uses a single piece of plywood that functions as both the back and the legs, giving the chair a backwards slant. This is combined with a front facing support under the seat, stabilizing the chair.

Austrian-born American architect Rudolph M. Schindler crafted this chair when his friend Beata Inaya requested a set of furniture for her apartment in Los Angeles. The chair is rounded at the top of the back and the edge of the seat, giving it a comfortable aesthetic. The patterns of the douglas fir pine give the chair a natural look.