Where to Buy Furniture Grade Plywood – 2024 Guide

buy furniture grade plywood

Furniture grade plywood is specially manufactured for quality furniture projects, offering better strength and durability compared to standard plywood. Choosing high-quality plywood ensures your furniture will last for a long time and maintain its aesthetic appeal. This guide explores where to find and buy furniture grade plywood to meet your project needs.

The Ultimate USA Plywood Purchase Guide

AlabamaJubilee Specialty Wood ProductsIndianaNorthwest LumberNebraskaMetro HardwoodsRhode Island – Cambio Plywood
AlaskaHardwood Specialties, Inc.IowaRiver City HardwoodsNevadaBaltic BirchSouth Carolina – Tidewater
ArizonaSpellman HardwoodsKansasLiberty Hardwoods, Inc.New HampshireHighland HardwoodsSouth DakotaMetro Hardwoods
Arkansas – [Your Shop Here! Please Contact Us!]KentuckyA.W. Graham LumberNew JerseyMendham PlywoodTennesseeNashville Plywood, Inc.
CaliforniaForest PlywoodLouisianaSutherlandsNew MexicoSutherlandsTexasPlywood Company
ColoradoColumberMaineSeacoast HardwoodNew YorkRoberts PlywoodUtahSutherlands
ConnecticutConnplyMarylandFisher LumberNorth CarolinaCapitol City LumberVermontThe Treehouse
Delaware – [Your Shop Here! Please Contact Us!]MassachusettsPrimePlyNorth Dakota – [Your Shop Here! Please Contact Us!]VirginiaCardinal Home Center
FloridaFlorida Southern PlywoodMichiganAmerhartOhioSutherlandsWashingtonCross Cut Seattle
GeorgiaGeorgia Hardwoods, Inc.MinnesotaAmerhartOklahomaSutherlandsWest VirginiaWV Builders
HawaiiPlywood HawaiiMississippi – [Your Shop Here! Please Contact Us!]OregonThe Hardwood CentreWisconsinAmerhart
IdahoHigh Desert PlywoodMissouriAmerhartPennsylvaniaAllegheny Plywood Co.WyomingSutherlands
IllinoisAmerhartMontanaHelena Hardwoods

Understanding Furniture Grade Plywood

Furniture grade plywood is characterized by its higher quality and consistency in appearance and performance. It typically comes in various grades such as A-A, A-B, and B-B, where the letter grades denote the quality of the veneer faces and the core. This plywood is designed to be visually appealing with fewer knots and defects, making it ideal for visible surfaces in furniture.

Local Lumber Yards and Specialty Wood Shops

Local lumber yards and specialty wood shops offer advantages such as personalized service and expert advice. Visiting these shops in your area allows you to inspect and select plywood sheets in person, ensuring they are what you’re looking for. Explore your local community pages on social media and via Google to find the best resources for your projects.

Home Improvement Stores

Major home improvement stores like Home Depot and Lowe’s carry furniture grade plywood alongside their regular plywood offerings. They provide convenience, availability, and competitive pricing, often with sales and discounts. When buying from these stores, carefully inspect plywood for any damage or defects, and understand their return policies to make sure you aren’t disappointed later down the line.

Online Retailers

Online retailers such as Amazon, Woodcraft, and Rockler offer a wide selection of plywood, including furniture grade options. The convenience of shopping online is balanced by potential shipping costs and the inability to inspect the plywood before purchase. Read customer reviews and choose reputable sellers to minimize risks and ensure quality.

Specialty Woodworking Websites

Dedicated woodworking supply websites like Boulter Plywood and The Wood Database cater to enthusiasts and professionals seeking higher quality plywood. These sites often provide detailed product descriptions, expert advice, and access to specialty plywood grades not found elsewhere.

Wholesale Suppliers and Distributors

For large-scale projects or professional woodworkers, wholesale suppliers offer plywood in bulk quantities at reduced costs per sheet. This option ensures consistent quality across larger orders, making it economical for extensive furniture production or commercial projects. Locate wholesale suppliers through industry contacts and online directories.

Tips on How to Buy Furniture Grade Plywood

Variety and Quality

A reputable supplier should offer a diverse range of plywood types and grades, including furniture grade options like A-A, A-B, and B-B. Insist on suppliers who maintain consistent quality standards across their product lines, ensuring each sheet meets your expectations for strength, durability, and visual appeal.

Customer Service Responsiveness

Dealing with a supplier who values your business and responds promptly to inquiries or concerns can make a significant difference. Look for suppliers who are knowledgeable about their products and industry trends, able to provide expert advice on selecting the right plywood for your specific applications. A supplier who is willing to work closely with you to understand your needs and recommend suitable solutions is invaluable.

Flexible Return Policies

A supplier with clear and fair return policies demonstrates confidence in their products and commitment to customer satisfaction. Ensure you understand the terms regarding returns, exchanges, and refunds before making a purchase.

Delivery Options and Shipping Costs

Reliable suppliers should offer flexible delivery options that align with your project schedule, whether it’s standard shipping, expedited services, or options for local pickup. Transparent shipping costs help you budget effectively and avoid unexpected expenses that could impact your overall project costs.