We are in love with plywood here at Sheet Good, and for good reason. Plywood is incredible.

From it’s engineering and technology to it’s simplicity and natural beauty. Plywood is the perfect cross section of science/engineering and art/nature.

We think plywood is one of the best modern inventions the world has ever seen. It is an incredibly efficient use of a natural resource and then we have applied technology and engineering to improve the raw material to give us a product that is used in every facet of our built environment. We build our homes with it, the furniture we sit on, the cabinets where we store our food. Transportation like skateboards, planes, and boats. It is everywhere around us, and most can’t go a day without interacting with plywood in some form or fashion.  

What’s really amazing about plywood is how simple it is. Simple solutions often make the best solutions and plywood illustrates this perfectly with how it has been engineered to limit the disadvantages of hardwood while creating a superior strength product.

Plywood can be transformed in so many ways by molding ply layers in forms, or machining with a cnc machine. The possibilities with plywood are limitless and that Is why we are so fascinated by this material.

It is our goal to help you realize your ideas with plywood. If you have an idea or a product that you think could be made with plywood or other sheet goods we want to help you make that a reality. We can help you find the right partners and manufacturing technologies to bring your idea to life.

Not sure if plywood is right for your project? Just ask us, you might be surprised.

What is a Sheet Good

1. a large rectangular piece of rigid or semi-rigid construction material, that is comparatively short in height or thickness compared to its length and width. Examples: Plywood, Cardboard, HDPE, MDF, Polycarbonate

2. a web community of plywood and other sheet good enthusiasts sharing and learning from each other.

1. when an object constructed from a material like plywood looks Rad as!


This is something I wish existed when I caught the bug for making plywood furniture. That informal place that filled that void for me was Instagram. I followed people making cool stuff and learned from their posts and through conversations. Though, I still enjoy following people on Instagram and seeing the cool stuff they do, I believe Sheet Good could be a better place for cataloguing those conversations, stories, and learnings from the collective community of sheet good specialists around the world.

Looking forward to building a community with you!

Joel Anderson

The Team

Joel Anderson
Plywood Geek

Joel started his career as an Industrial Designer and became obsessed with building furniture out of plywood. His work exposed him to digital fabrication techniques like CNC routing and set him on a path of designing flatpack furniture. As time has gone on he has become more interested in making more traditional styles of joinery with plywood. He now works as a plywood furniture designer and sourcing agent and has a passion for sharing his knowledge and to learn from others.

Dominic Darnell, writer standing in front of an LED curtain.

Dominic Darnell
Editor/Web Admin

Dom was born in a small town in England in 1993. From a young age, he knew he wanted to meet interesting people and do exciting things in order to write about them. He trained in journalism before moving to Japan in 2015, where he has been ever since. Growing up surrounded by writers, musicians, and artists, Dom wants to bring good quality art and design to the mainstream.


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MOWO Furniture

Riad Durguti
Furniture Writer

Victoria Echepare
Social Media/Photography Curator