“39” Chaise Longue

Chair Model 39, Alvar Aalto, formed plywood chair

Sailko, CC BY 3.0, via Wikimedia Commons

Date: 1936

Designer: Alvar Aalto

Place of Origin: Artek Oy, Finland

The “39” Chaise Longue features a cantilevered frame and uses birch veneers welded together to create a compression spring, providing both structural support and comfortable seating. The chaise’s unique design, influenced by Aalto’s breakthrough in the mid-1930s, incorporates the “spring leaf support.”

In 1929, Aalto and a partner founded a plywood workshop in Turku, Finland, where they experimented with the material. By 1935, Aalto had established Artek, a furniture design company where he developed many of the innovative design ideas seen in his furniture pieces.

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